In order for you to hear about the Pilot of Unite Ambassadors here are the videos from the UK Multiplier Event

Introduction to Unite Ambassadors

The background of why we created Unite Ambassadors. How it can be used and tailored to your area and our hopes for the future


 Alfriston School & Youth Service Case Study 

Background of the UK Youth Service and Alfriston Special Education School



iSZOSZ Youth Organisation Case Study

An introduction to Hungary and ISZOSZ youth organisation




Kanepi Gymnasium Case Study

Background from the Southern Estonian School Kanepi.




Macte Language School Case Study

Insight into Northern Estonia and Macte Language School





Hungarian Unite Ambassadors Presentation

How Unite Ambassadors operated in Hungary




North Estonia Unite Ambassadors Presentation

The pilot hosted by two Northern Estonian Organisations



South Estonia Unite Ambassadors Presentation

Information about how Southern Estonian school and youth organisation implemented Unite Ambassadors


UK Unite Ambassadors presentation

Presentation from the UK Unite Ambassadors into their experience of the program




Conclusions, Results and Questions

Panel and roundup of the event with projections to sustainability of the program


Feedback & Comments from Attendees