An Energiser is an activity that can be run to warm up the young people and promote group interaction.  It is a good meeting starter for any team meeting or activity where the participants need to work together.

Youth are busy people. But when it comes to learning they can just freeze. If people have to sit still for a long time they can get tired as there is not much of physical stimulation. Thinking all the time can also be draining if subjects are emotional or personal.  Fun and engaging energiser activities  can help participants relax and take an interactive break.  It will clear their minds and motivate them to stay focused for the next section.

This short video describes three energisers that might be useful. View video


ActivityDurationLearning OutcomesDirections 
Buzz30This game is great when teaching how hard it is to do two things at the same time (thinking while listening for your turn).1. Ask the group to stand up and to form a circle.
2. Everyone takes turns saying a number starting with 1, 2, 3 and so on.
3. After one round announce Of course, there is a catch. At every number with a 4 in it or a multiple of 4, that person needs to say BUZZ instead of the number.
4. The next person just continues the series as normal.

For example: 1 - 2 - 3 - buzz - 5 - 6 - 7 - buzz - 9 - 10 - 11 - buzz - 13 - buzz - 15 - buzz - 17 - …
Blind artist20This activity is about creativity and communication amongst the group1. Participants form pairs.
2.They sit back to back so they can’t see each other. One is blindfolded
3.The non blindfolded one gets a drawing you have prepared earlier. Ideally, the drawing should be something relevant to what you are delivering.
4. The person holding the drawing needs to give good instructions to the other person.
4.The other person needs to draw it without being able to see the original picture.

You can then swap the groups over
Puzzled People15A fun way to get into new pairings and find out about other members of the group1. Take 3 x 5 index cards, postcards, or something similar and cut them into two pieces, each cut
differently so that each piece pairs with only one other. 2. Distribute half a card to each person, and have each person find his/her other half.
3. Once two people have made the appropriate connection, have them spend 5-10 minutes getting to know something about each other. If time is short, partners can take just a few
moments to find out 2-3 things about each other that each is willing to share.
Countdown15A fun way to get the group working as team to reach the goal1. The group have to count from 1 to 20.
2. There is one rule though: there is no particular order.
3. They have to yell the consecutive number whenever they want. But when two students yell a number at the same time, you have to start counting from 1 again.
How long it will take until you reach 20?
Pink toe15This is a great energy boost and fun way to get the group mobile and active1. Call out a colour and a body part.
2. Participants must find an object in the room that has that colour and then touch the object with the selected body part.
For example, if the leader calls out “red nose”, particpants need to find an object that is red and touch it with their nose. 3. Continue calling colours and body parts or get those that are out to lead
Pass the Expression20A great way to develop communication and connection within a group and to show how changes happen to messages through different processesSimilar to Chinese Whispers but with no words
1. Stand the group in a line
2. One person pulls an expression and shows it to the next in line
3. This person then passes it on to the next person. This continues the whole way down the line
4. The last person has to show the expression to the first person to see if it is still the same
Don’t answer15Fun way to interact in a group setting1. Ask the participants to stand in a circle.
2. One person starts by going up to someone else. The young person asks the other person a question. For example: “What is your most annoying habit?” However, that person may not answer the question, but the person on his left must answer for them.
Square, Circle or Squiggle20A fun way to work together without sight through communication and teamwork1. All team members are to stand around a long rope and place their hands on the rope at waist height
2. The entire group are to put a blindfold over their eyes and then attempt to form a
3. When they are happy that it is formed a square, they place the rope on the ground.
4. The group takes a step back and removes their blindfolds
5. The group then attempt to make a circle, triangle and so on, in the same manner

Of course there are also many websites that contain other energiser ideas.  Here are a few we found: