Unite Ambassadors for Peace and Cohesion is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership between a group of schools and youth organisations. All the partners contributed and piloted the program and made it what it is today!

Country: UK

Region: Buckinghamshire

School Name: Alfriston


Description: Alfriston is a day and boarding school for girls with a wide range of special educational needs.  All pupils at Alfriston have moderate learning difficulties and a large majority have additional needs, such as speech, language and communication difficulties, sensory impairment, physical difficulty or other learning difficulties and disabilities. The school serves the whole county of Buckinghamshire and a number of neighbouring local authorities. Pupils come from very mixed backgrounds. A small minority have English as an additional language.

Target group: 11-19 year olds


Country: Estonia

Region: Ida-Virumaa

School Name: Macte Language School


Description: Macte Language School is a private rapidly growing language school in Kohtla-Järve founded in 2015. We provide the highest level of after-school English and Estonian courses for young and very young learners in many Kohtla-Järve schools and kindergardens. The moto of Macte Language School is „Genius dwells in every child”. Thus, the major goal of our teachers is to revive this inner genius in students. Our teachers always adapt new ideas in language teaching. We are convinced that learning should be engaging and fun, so our classes are filled with games and interactive activities to bring the language to life. We try to make our classes as energetic as possible, with lots of speaking and drama. All our classes have a communicative aspect to improve students’ confidence and fluency.

Target group: 5-16 years old kids and youngsters


Country: UK

Region: Buckinghamshire

Organisation Name:  Buckinghamshire Youth Service


Description: Buckinghamshire Youth Service is part of Bucks County Council. We work with young people across the county to support them to achieve their full potential. We work in schools, run group work sessions, offer 121 support as well as provide developmental projects across the year

Target group: 13-19 year olds

Country: Estonia

Region: Ida-Virumaa

School Name:  IVKHK


Description: Ida-Virumaa Vocational Education Centre (IVKHK) was created on 1 September 2016 by merging of 3 vocational schools in the county of Ida-Viruma. IVKHK is one of the leading vocational institutions in Estonia with 3 branches in the towns of Jõhvi, Sillamäe and Narva. Here we offer more than 40 vocations in 23 different curricula. We have students after both lower-secondary (9th grade) and upper-secondary levels (12th grade). IVKHK also offers numerous trainings and re-qualifications courses for adults. More than 1000 people attend our trainings and courses yearly. In September 2016 we had 2800 students and 270 staff.  We aim to increase the opportunities for personal well-being of people and  growth of social stability through providing various forms of high-quality vocational education and entrepreneurship development

IVKHK has got a long experience in international project activities – Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus+, Grundtvig, Interreg, Youth of Europe, ESF, Nordplus etc. At the moment the school has 5 EU funded mobility projects underway for both learners and staff.

Target group: 15-26 years


Country: Hungary

Organisation Name: ISZOSZ


Description: ISZOSZ Ifjúsági Szolgáltatók Országos Szövetsége – Hungarian Association of Youth Service Providers

Our organisation is acting as umbrella for youth services, youth information centres and youth clubs. We have created a network; where our members can work together.

Our projects are creating a country wide dialogue in the youth organizational sector with enlarging already existing and creating new cooperation. The Consultation of the Cooperation of Professional Youth-Sector Workers that is created by non-governmental co-operations based on professional approach of youth questions and issues. We are member of the National Youth Council of Hungary. We keep in touch with local, regional, national, foreign and European Union institutions, authorities and organisations.

  • We try to enhance of the international relations of non-governmental organizations.
  • We initiate a comprehensive cooperation with other organisations having the same aims.
  • We aim to professionalise youth work.

Members of our organisation has long experience in working with young people with all kind of issues and they are active in organising various events involving young people with different problems or people working with them.

Target group: 10-26 years


Country: Estonia

Region: Kaneipi

School Name: Kanepi Gynasium


Description: Kanepi Gymnasium is a country school located in South Estonia, Kanepi, which is a municipality with 2500 people. It is a rural living environment with lots of forests and lakes. There are 183 students in Kanepi Gymnasium at the age of 7-19 years in grades 1-12 and almost 30 teachers. The school logo depicts the statue called “Hope” by famous Estonian sculptor August Weitzenberg originated from Kanepi. The students are involved in regional environmental and science projects. The experience in international projects is gained through eTwinning and students’ exchange programs with partner schools in Germany and Italy. The students study English, Russian and German as foreign languages within Estonian standard curriculum. Extra-curricular activities include folk dance, choirs, sports, IT- based activities.

The main objective of our school is to provide the education which helps to manage in the developing national and European environment. The key-points:

* Projects on and in the nature

* International and national projects

* Open to educational projects of universities

* Innovation and development

* Student-centred environment

* National heritage

Target group: 7-19 years


 Country: Estonia

Region: Võhma

School Name: Võhma Avatud Noortetuba


Description: Võhma Avatud Noortetuba (Võhma Opened Youth Room) is a part of Võhma Vaba Aja Keskus (Võhma Leisure Time Centre) applying the open youth work method. We are opened from Monday to Friday 14.00-19.00 for young people age 7-26. They spend free time playing table tennis, board games, video games, watching videos and using our rooms to practice music or dance. Young people can use our kitchen and we provide some basic products for cooking. We organise events like movie nights, parties, participation cafe, camps, sports competitions and performances etc and manage local and international projects. We have workshops, music, acting, cooking and handicraft classes and 4H youth club. We also provide information on youth issues and opportunities for young people.

Target group: 7-26 years

Other pilot phase partners are: