In addition to the Multiplier Events- Unite Ambassadors has also reached:

  • School Blog Sites

IVK in Estonia have been updating about their Unite Ambassadors journey on their school blog




  • Local Press Websites

Partners used local press sites to help raise the viability of the social action projects taking place



  • International Events

Digital Youth Work & Innovation Warsaw, 29-31 May 2019 (Resource Showcase)

Presentations delivered to teachers, trainers and youth workers from across Europe and Balkans sharing the resource of Unite Ambassadors and how it can be used to better a community.




  • Organisation Facebook Pages

Partner Organisations (and individuals) have been sharing and updating their pages to share the development of Unite Ambassadors, the meetings and the outcomes.

ISZOSZ:                                                                                                                    IVK:


  • Community Facebook Groups & Pages

Reports about the good work of then social action projects appeared on community groups




  • Instagram accounts

Using #uniteambassadors people used the hashtag and images of projects and events on Instagram in personal and organisational accounts




  • Facebook Frame

Find your ‘Unite Ambassadors’ Facebook Profile Frame and add to your image designed by the UK team

  • School Twitter Accounts

Alfriston School  has been tweeting about their projects throughout the project @alfristonschool




  • Salto Project Platform

You can also find our Project on the Salto Project Platform Find us at