No one can sell then impact of our programme better than our Unite Ambassadors themselves. Here are a few of our  Ambassador Stories

Chloe, 17.  UK

Being a Unite Ambassador has helped with speak to others my age and have a say in projects for young people locally. I have built in confidence and joined in other groups and the local youth council- something I would not have done before.
It has also made me rethink my future career from Photographer to Youth worker as I would like to help young people with problems, raising awareness and supporting them with any problems. I have now started a course in Social Care at College.

Before my involvement with Unite Ambassadors I had only been Cyprus but now I have visited other countries and met young people from across Europe. I have met many new people and had new experiences along the way – lots of opportunities come from it. I have also mixed with other schools from countries I wouldn’t have otherwise met.


Bethany, 18.  UK

Being a Unite Ambassador has helped me to gain confidence and experience opportunities I never would’ve been able to try otherwise. I got to deliver an assembly in another school, which I always thought I didn’t have the courage to do, and I also got to make an impact on my community and help make the people around me happy. After being a Unite Ambassador I felt like I had the skill set I needed in order to help other people develop their own social action project, so I then went on to become an NCS Mentor and help more young people make a difference!


Louise, 15.  UK

I have really enjoyed being involved with the Unite Ambassadors project.  The most important bit for me has been the social actions and I feel that I have a much better understanding of other people and how their lives might be.  I have worked to support a local homeless centre and this was very rewarding. 

The training we did was great and it was fun to work with different people.  Even though we didn’t know each other, we worked as a team and the training session I enjoyed most was Teambuilding.  I am looking forward to running a workshop on teambuilding when we visit Hungary.  This is a great opportunity for me. 

To be honest, becoming a Unite Ambassador was quite a challenge for me but I am so glad I did it.  I would definitely encourage other young people to give it go.


Julia, 14. Estonia, Sillamäe

To be honest I was not very serious about becoming an Ambassador in the beginning, it was my first participation in larger international project and I was expecting just  to get new knowledge and some kind of experience.  I have participated before in many local projects and was active in school life and in youth work in our town.

After Ambassadors training, I understood that the topic I want to continue with is  Active participation of youth in the community life and social actions. I really enjoyed the preparation and delivering social actions in Estonia: we felt that we could help older people and create better connection between generations, we helped people with disabilities and also encouraged young people to participate in charity, be more active and brave to talk about problems of young people in our region.

Besides this, I also really enjoyed talking to other young people from different countries and also presenting our program during Multiplier Event.

I think Unite Ambassadors program is needed in our town and region to help young people become more active, responsible for their own lives and show new perspectives and opportunities for young people. I also enjoyed working in international team, it was interesting to know, how Ambassadors are developing their skills in partner’ s countries and organizations.


Katie, 17.  UK

Being a Unite Ambassador has been awesome! We are able to help other people in the community and have fun at the same time, as well as making memories with new friends (now some of my favorite people). The opportunity to visit other young people abroad is like no other and it was a great way to learn about the culture in other countries. We were able to share one of our social action plans with some of the schools in Hungary and we learnt a lot from them too. Presenting to an audience was a massive success, I never would have been confident enough to do that before I joined Unite Ambassadors; now I do it whenever I can!


Aimee, 15.  UK

I thoroughly enjoyed training as a Unite Ambassador, especially meeting new young people.  The most useful part of the training was the Public Speaking Session.  I learned a lot from that and am much more confident to speak up now.  Actually, I used some of the skills from that when I made a speech to the whole school in a bid to become Head Girl.  I also offered a training workshop to my peers to help them prepare for Head Girl speeches.  I wouldn’t have done that before! 

Being a Unite Ambassador has made me more confident to engage with people I don’t know, like when we were carrying out our social actions, and I am looking forward to meeting and working with people from other countries. 


Maarja, 16.  Estonia 

Two years ago I had a chance to come to this project called Unite Ambassadors which is an Erasmus+ KA2 project. Two years ago I had no idea what word “ambassador” meant. But now I think I got this thing. Ambassador is a person who gives advice to young people, helps them, is always there when they have a problem and sets the example for many young people. Who would have thought that I am going to be that person. Two years ago I was quite shy. I wouldn’t even say a word in my classroom except when my teacher asked me. Because maybe I was insecure and thought that my opinion wouldn’t go nowhere and of course I thought that nobody except the teacher would listen to me. I don’t actually don’t know why I had this kind of thoughts back then, right now it’s kind of funny to think that I was a shy person. This project has given me courage to speak freely and to say my opinion what I think about different things. Now in classroom I just say, I don’t even think :D. Now I am that person in class who encourages others and says to them that you can do it no matter what. It is important to remember that when you don’t try you won’t be able to improve yourself. This project has given me also better communication skills and a better skill to listen others. My English is improved, I am a better listener and I care what other people want to say. It’s actually not that simple for me. About better communication skills my relationships with other people has also improved. Some people I thought I would never talk to are now my greatest friends. We together make a perfect team. About diversity, that’s why maybe is best to put an end to prejudice and that’s where I learnt no matter how this person looks, talks or just is, you shouldn’t bring them down because what they are. This project has taught me many things and I am proud to say that I have passed this project program. It is always best to take risks and always give 100 percent from yourself because who knows where it takes you.