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Unite Ambassadors is the name of the programme created within the framework of an Erasmus+ KA201 Strategic Partnership by youth organisations and schools from the UK, Estonia and Hungary forming the project ‘Unite Ambassadors for Peace and Cohesion.’

It has been created by 7 partner organisations across a 3 year period 01.09.2017 to  31.12.2019

The seven partners are:

  • Alfriston School – UK
  • Macte Language School- Estonia
  • Buckinghamshire Youth Service – UK
  • IVKHK- Estonia
  • ISZOSZ – Hungary
  • Kanepi Gynasium – Estonia
  • Võhma Avatud Noortetuba – Estonia

Partner Profiles can be discovered here

Project ID 2017-1-UK01-KA201-036678

The partnership was coordinated by the UK Youth Service partner and had all previously worked with one of the UK Partners in the past. The idea of the partnership was to use the expertise of each partner, their experience, their delivery methods and backgrounds. To build a program for use in formal and non formal  settings with young people. It was important for us to build a programme that was impactful, developmental, inspiring and encouraging of young people to make a difference in their local community

The Process:

First Partner Meeting Narva- Estonia

Learning Activity: Think Tank Meeting with Young People – Amersham UK

Learning Activity for Staff in Budapest Hungary

Partner Meetings in Tallinn, Budapest, Windsor, Tartu and High Wycombe 

Multiplier Events in High Wycombe, Kescemet, Sillamae and Vohma

As a partnership the ‘Unite Ambassadors for Peace and Cohesion’ collaboration have been responsible for devising the programme, website material and piloting the activities. This was initially done with young peoples input at the Think Tank Event which looked at Youth Issues across Partner Countries, Key training elements for the Ambassadors and Activity proposals. 

From Oct 2018 the Partner Organisations piloted the Unite Ambassador programme with groups from their projects and schools. The training sessions were delivered in a range of ways to test their suitability and adaptability for different settings. The UK partners joined together over a residential weekend to train their Ambassadors. The Northern Estonian group also took their groups away and trained them across a few days. The Hungarian group trained their young people in two different environments, and the Southern Estonian partners delivered top their groups individually over a number of sessions.

This led the Unite Ambassadors to also pilot two activities in their local community responding to Issues or Ideas from the Unite Ambassadors themselves highlighting how they could make a difference


The partners came together throughout the creation process and  worked on aspects in their own realitites, submittting actions against teh agreed plan and timeline. Ater the pilot groups took place, we were able to adjust, amend and expand on the training programme, support sessions and toolkit in order to maximize the possibilities from the programme. This also led to the completion of the website which would host the project as well as the case studies and Ambassador stories helping to demonstrate the possibilities of the programme.

We were also responsible for disseminating the scheme and promoting it to other organisations. The range of places we used for this can be found at also included our Multiplier Events which took place in each region represented by a partner. We were lucky that young people from different partners were able to attend the events to add a European dimension as well as testify to the impact the programme had had on their lives. 

Contact details are provided that may be used to facilitate linking with other Unite Ambassadors and mentors so that the potential of working together with other groups can be explored. The partnership is keen to continue to run Unite Ambassadors and link with new group who would like to include it in their practice. 


Making a better tomorrow for young people today!