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Unite Ambassadors Training Session 8 Plan – Ambassador conduct

By the end of this session participants will:

  • Understand the boundaries and guidelines within which they will need to work.
  • Have considered their personalities and characteristics and the ways in which they might use these most effectively within the team in which they will be working.
10Revisit the code of conductRead through individually or as a group.
The code of conduct provides the framework within which the Ambassadors work. Many of the points contained within it will allow many Ambassadors to identify the boundaries to their work – others may need more support.
Unite Ambassadors code of conduct
10Boundary CardsSort ‘boundary cards’ into true/false and not sure groups. Group activity or paired activity followed by group discussion.
The cards contain statements such as ‘Give young people in my organisation the chance to share their views and opinions confidentially’ which they are to sort into true/false and not sure. By sorting and discussing the statements Ambassadors will gain an understanding of the boundaries within which they are to work.
Boundary cards Annex 1
5Confidentiality Read through and discuss the two confidentiality statements.
In this activity Ambassadors will develop an understanding of when the content of a discussion need to be shared with a responsible adult.
The Issue of Confidentiality discussion document. Annex 2
15ScenariosRead and discuss the scenarios. The Ambassadors need to consider what they could or should do taking into account what they now know about the boundaries within which they should work.
This activity provides an opportunity to consider the application of boundaries in practical situations.
Annex 3
20Self ReflectionCut out copies of the personality traits. Spread these out and discuss what some of the words mean. Ambassadors to select 5 that they feel most strongly reflect their personalities. Discuss how these traits might help them in their role as a Unite Ambassador now that they know more of what the role entails.
Now that the Ambassadors have a stronger idea of their role this activity encourages them to reflect on their personality traits and how these might help them in their role.
self-reflection traits