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Unite Ambassadors Training Session 2 Plan – Identity and diversity

By the end of this session participants will:

  • Understand that identities are made up of different characteristics and values and that they develop over time.
  • Be aware that our identities have many things in common, but differences too. This leads to diversity.
  • Be able to describe their own individual identity.
  • Be aware of the benefits of diversity.

2.5Part 1 - Identity
'It is important to know myself before I can be tolerant of others who are different to me.'
Discuss quotations.
Review session outcomes.
Identity Presentation - Slides 2-3

5Icebreaker (suggestion)Give yourself a nickname which is your favourite colour and your favourite animal e.g. purple dolphin
5Who am I?How have I changed since I was a baby? DiscussIdentity Presentation Slides 4-6
20'ME' ExerciseIdentify some of the things that make me ‘me’ right now
Use identity questions or cards to generate discussion in groups
Individuals to complete Identity Circles diagram.
Identity Presentation Slide 7
Identity questions/cards made up for each group
(See Annex 1 Identity Cards Questions and Annex 2 Identity Cards)
Identity Circles – enough for each participant
(see Annex 3 Identity Circles)

Sample outcomes are available via the following link
15Who has influenced me?
Understand that we get values, opinions and experiences from people we meet. Watch Orange advert and discuss
Write a poem 'I am…'
Identity Presentation Slide 8
Orange advert

Poem/transcript provided as Annex 4 Orange Adverts Transcript (also in Mentor Guidance)
5Find someone who…Consolidate ideas of self and people like me…
Identity Presentation Slides 9-10
Part Two - DiversityReference - Diversity presentation taken from
5Introduction - It’s good to be different
Choice and diversity make things more interesting
Cultural diversity makes society more interesting
Diversity Presentation Slides 2-4
10It’s OK to have different views!Group yourself according to if you agree or disagree with the following statements:
A - Dogs are better than cats.
B - Eating meat is wrong.
C- There is probably intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe.
D - Democracy isn't always the best form of government.
E - There are times when it might not be wrong to steal.
(The 5 questions should be adapted to match topical and cultural interests)
Diversity Presentation Slides 5-6
Question cards made up using example questions labelled A-E
15How can we embrace diversity?
Diversity Factor activity – design a diverse pop groupDiversity Presentation Slides 7-8
Person outlines as provided in Annex 5 could be used.
5ConclusionsSummaryDiversity Presentation Slides 9-10