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Unite Ambassadors Training Session 1 Plan – Introduction to Unite Ambassadors

By the end of this session participants will:

  • Understand the values that underpin the program
  • Know what personal qualities and skills they will need to develop
  • Understand the role of a Unite Ambassador in their own setting
  • Know the types of activities they might be involved in

Title: Introduction to Unite Ambassadors ‘Setting the scene’
Guided time: 2 hours (Longer session due to content need)

(Refer to Toolkit for alternative options)
Group Introductions Purpose:- Learn names, create a less formal environment, team building, reducing barriers

Stand in a circle and take it in turns to say your name
Using the ball the person holding the ball must say

My name is…… and I believe in ………..
They throw the ball to someone who says
Their name is …… and they believe in ………….
My name is…… and I believe in ……
Then they pass it on to another person who repeats what the last person said about themselves and then about them personally until the whole group has had a turn.
10Introduction to Unite Ambassadors – Mission StatementIntroduce Unite Ambassadors Presentation
(including the intro film - see 'How to become an ambassador')
Key facts about Unite Ambassadors:
Three key aspects - training programme, social initiatives and ambassador presence.
*ANNEX 1 Presentation
Projector and speakers
20What we stand for?Mission Statement
What Unite Ambassadors stand for!

What does this mean to young people? Group Discussion.
*ANNEX 1 Presentation
Pens & Flip chart
25Role of an
Unite Ambassador
Exercise What skills and qualities would make your ideal team of Unite Ambassadors?

1) Draw around a person on large sheet of paper
2) On the head they need to write how a Unite Ambassador should view and think about things
3) On the hands what skills they should have
4) On the body write what qualities they should have
5) On the legs write what actions they should be prepared to carry out
6) Around the person identify what social skills and team work approaches they should have
Discuss as a group why these are important for a Unite Ambassador.

Ambassador Role Description
Any questions- how will we achieve this? Do you have any concerns? How can we develop the skills that we need?

Mentor Role Description
Clarify that mentors are there to coach the group not to run it.
Any other suggestions for the mentor?
*ANNEX 1 Presentation
Large sheet of paper
Coloured pens
10Benefits for Young PeopleBenefits of the role
Explain the benefits that the potential Unite Ambassadors might gain. Link this to your setting
Discuss certification/accreditation if this applies.
*ANNEX 1 Presentation Projector

5Personal SpecificationPersonal Specification
Essential and desirable skills
*ANNEX 1 Presentation Projector
10RecruitmentHow you were chosen?
Person specification and qualities.
*ANNEX 1 Presentation Projector,

5TrainingTraining overview
Additional overview available in Mentors section of the website.
PowerPoint on laptop, Projector,
*ANNEX 1 Presentation
5Code of ConductStandards of behaviourPowerPoint on laptop, Projector,
*ANNEX 1 Presentation
10AgreementsGo through the Code of Conduct Agreement
Discuss points raised.
Sign document.
Power point on laptop, Projector,
Unite Ambassadors Mentor Guidance

Code of Conduct Agreement
*ANNEX 1 Presentation
10What nextWhere we go from here?
Next meeting: when, where, agenda?