Session 1 Mentor Guidance – Introduction to Unite Ambassadors

Once the young person has completed the training they will officially become a Unite Ambassador.
Don’t forget meetings need to be arranged – when and where will the next meeting be?
Soon after the training programme has been completed it would be sensible to write an action plan. This will need to be tailored to the ideas of the ambassadors.
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Content of Annex 1 Presentation (PowerPoint)

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Welcome To Unite Ambassadors!
Unite Ambassadors is a voluntary scheme for young people to become Unite Ambassadors promoting peace and cohesion to their communities; improving the lives of their peers.
There are three parts to Unite Ambassadors
1. Unite Ambassadors training program
2. Social initiatives
3. Ambassador delivery: Community presentations, school assemblies, youth cause campaigns

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Mission Statement
Unite Ambassadors have the confidence and tools to foster mutual respect amongst their peers; whilst striving to make a positive impact and encourage social responsibility within their community.

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Unite Ambassadors promote
– Celebrating Diversity
– Acceptance & Inclusion
– Peace & Cohesion
– Respect
– Fairness
– Equality
– Anti Bullying/ Discrimination
– The voice of Young People
BUT what does this mean in your reality?

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Unite Ambassadors Role Description
Becoming an Ambassador is an opportunity for you to act as a representative for your school, college, youth group or other organisation to ensure that young people in your communities are included, respected and celebrated.
The key responsibilities of an Ambassador are:
– To complete the Unite Ambassador training program
– To attend regular Unite Ambassador meetings
– To advocate for young people in educational and community settings
– To actively promote Unite Ambassadors to young people in your own local area
– To present in a range of settings assemblies, governors meetings and with local councillors/ professionals.
– To deliver Peer2Peer social education sessions
– To plan and host social action projects involving a diverse range of young people and the community (see next slide if you are unsure of what a social action project is)
– To develop and deliver a Unite Ambassador Action Plan to ensure that key priorities are met and promote the agreed actions and opportunities.
– To fundraise to attend an Annual Unite Ambassador seminar

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What is a social action project?
A campaign, project, or action with a social benefit within the community. This could be a fundraiser for a local charity, a campaign for young people to raise awareness of road safety or a program of drop in sessions for young people to talk about issues of problems needing support.

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Role of your Mentor
Your mentor is on hand to support you and the other Ambassadors to achieve your goals, to create an action plan and to ensure that Unite Ambassadors are active and connected with the local decision makers.
It is up to you to work alongside each other and support each other.

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Benefits of the role:
– Develop your own personal presentation and communication skills as you advocate for young people
– Develop your ability to work with others as a part of a team
– Increase your confidence
– Have the opportunity to take on specified roles within the social action projects to develop your leadership skills
– Real life opportunities and projects
– Be supported by a dedicated mentor to support you with your own personal development goals and targets
– Experience in project management
– Opportunity to attend an annual Unite Ambassadors Seminar

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Person Specification
Essential skills
– Reliable and committed to the role
– Motivated to initiate change
– Availability for Unite Ambassador meetings
– Enthusiastic about making sure that the voices of young people are heard and shared
– Ability to understand issues affecting young people’s lives

Desirable skills
Good communication skills
– Ability to work with other people in team settings
– Ability to work with children and your peers
– Confidence to speak with teachers/ adults
– Ability to use own initiative
– Confidence to be able to present information to others including large audiences, (or the willingness to develop confidence in this area)
– Project experience
– IT skills, such as using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint etc.
– Media skills

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How you were chosen
To be eligible to be a Youth Ambassador you must be:
– Between the ages of 11-19
– Willingness to communicate with your peers
– Willing to honour the diversity in our group and in the world (i.e. gender, religion, and heritage).
– Potential to demonstrate leadership in your community
– Passionate about “social cohesion” you wish to see in the world
– Keen to express yourself clearly and professionally with an ability to clearly speak/write your thoughts
– Enthusiastic to promote peace and cohesion in your community

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Training overview
– Session 1 Introduction to Unite Ambassadors
– Session 2 Identity and diversity
– Session 3 Peace and cohesion
– Session 4 Teamwork
– Session 5 Leadership
– Session 6 Listening skills
– Session 7 Public Speaking
– Session 8 Ambassador conduct

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Code of Conduct declaration
For everyone involved in Unite Ambassadors we want them all to represent the program in a friendly, safe and professional manner.
This is why we had a unique code of conduct to ensure we all keep to the same standards.
It also helps you know what we are expecting of you and what you are agreeing to be part of.

Documents needed for session 1

Content of Expression of Interest Unite Ambassadors template (Word document) 

In no more than two sides tell us why you want to express an interest in becoming a Unite Ambassador.

  • Why I Should Be Chosen as a Unite Ambassador?
  • Why do you want to be a Unite Ambassador?
  • What are your top 3 qualities that will make you a great Unite Ambassador?
  • Who are your role models?
  • What does “Be The Change” mean to you? How/why do you feel you can make a positive difference in your community, region or country?
  • What difference would you like to make in your school/ community?

Content of Unite Ambassadors Code of Conduct agreement (Word document)

Code of conduct declaration for Unite Ambassadors
As a Unite Ambassador, I will:

  • treat others with the respect and fairness that I would like them to show me
  • promote relationships with participants and others that are based on openness, honesty, trust and respect
  • be inclusive of diversity and promoting equality, including gender, age, ethnic origin, religion and belief, sexuality, or disability
  • demonstrate proper personal/professional behaviour at all times, promoting positive role models for the participants
  • do my utmost to ensure that all participants are included and valued, without making assumptions about their backgrounds.
  • approach my work in a professional manner
  • be enthusiastic and positive in my role
  • be punctual for all events and activities I am involved in
  • inform staff if I am unable to attend prior to the event, giving at least 48 hours’ notice (See Cancellations and Lateness section below)
  • present myself in a professional manner: wearing suitable clothing for my role, including a T-shirt / lanyard with identification badge if required.
  • use appropriate language at all times (including during Event/Initiative set-up and take-down)
  • regard anything discussed in connection to my Unite Ambassadors role as confidential
  • inform staff of any concerns of difficulties in relation to your role, so that early support and advice as appropriate may be provided.
  • safeguard my own health and safety, and that of others being careful to not put self / others at risk.
  • inform staff of any medical issue / additional need if staff need to know about it for my safety or the safety of others
  • never conduct Unite Ambassadors delivery without the awareness of the Mentor
  • never initiate, or respond to inappropriate physical contact with young people or other members of staff
  • never exchange personal details with young people or link with them on social media if I met with the in my role as a Unite Ambassador
  • report any concerns regarding the welfare of a young person to the mentor in a timely fashion


  1. I confirm I have read, understood and agree to follow the code of conduct for Unite Ambassadors.
  2. I give my consent to my photograph being taken and used by Unite Ambassadors for the Programs recruitment material, internal and external publications, and internet use.
  3. I agree to the completion of the training program
  4. I agree to attend monthly Unite Ambassadors Meetings
  5. I agree to contribute towards the creation and delivery of the Action Plan

Please read this Code of Conduct Declaration and understand the points set out below and agree to comply fully with them.