Key documents and Support materials are available in order to help mentors launch the Unite Ambassadors programme in their organisation, deliver the training programme and provide ongoing support for their Unite Ambassadors. Key documents include a description of the programme for promotional and recruitment activities and the code of conduct for Ambassadors.

Downloadable key documents

1 The folder cover gives you a branded cover for any files and folders

Unite Amb folder cover

2 The description gives you the information to help promote the Unite Ambassadors to young people and stakeholders as well as to be used in press and publicity

Description Unite Ambassdors

3 The poster can be used for recruitment and publicity of the Unite Ambassadors program (English Only)

Poster template Unite Ambassdors

4 The code of conduct can be used to ascertain expectations from both stakeholders but also from young people and parents (English Only)

Unite Ambassadors Code of Conduct