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The content of the various annexes associated with this session can be found below. This enables the content to be translated by the translation plugin available in this site.

Content of Annex 2 – Social Action Project Snapshot

Name of the Social Action Project?
Where will it take place?
Who will be involved?
What activity will happen?
Who will benefit and how?
Why is it important?

Content of Annex 3 – Social Action Checklist

1. Who does it benefit?
2.Is the aim of the project meaningful?
3.Which Unite Ambassador roles would it need to run?
4.What different people will be involved?
5.What ages?
6.What would be the best time of year to run this project?
7.How long will it take?
8.Where will it take place?
9.What are the risks associated with this project – what could stop it happening?
10.How will you assess these risks and plan for them?
11.What different tasks need to happen to make it work? eg promotion, recruitment, community support, a venue?
12.What is the main activity?
13.What will be the final outcome(s)?
14.How will you tell other people about your project?
15.How will you collect people’s feedback on your project?
16.What money or resources do you need?
17.Where will these come from?
18. Summarise your project in 50 words.