As a Unite Ambassador it is possible for you to be as active as you feel in Making a better tomorrow for young people today! This may include leading and delivering activities for other young people or maybe holding an event like a fundraiser, youth conference or school activity day. This session gives the basics for planning and delivering such an activity to other young people and communities.

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Annex 1 Planning and Leading Events Presentation

5IcebreakerSelect from Library
5Planning an event.
Easy steps to successful events
Six honest serving-men: What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.
Power point on laptop, slides 2 and 3
12What? and Why? ProcessWhat is the design of event -name, style etc?
Using objective setting to guide your event planning.
The very first step is to establish a tangible goal and objectives. (e.g., why are you organizing this event and what do you hope to achieve?)
Problem you want to solve - objective
Why – why is this event-taking place?
What is its purpose and how can you align it with your participant’s objective?
Presentation slides 4 and 5
+ example video (Youth events Gone Wrong: )
10Who? Selecting your target group (audience).Specify your target group. Who will attend your event?Presentation slide 6
10Who? Team Roles & Responsibilities Identify the members of the team that will help plan and manage the event.
Do you need sponsors and/or partners? Who will ensure that participants attend? Delegate tasks to members of the team..
Presentation slide 7
“Benne and Sheats' Group Roles”, source:
20When? Where? How? Event DesignCreate and design the event. Go through the checklist. Discussion of video.
Presentation slides 8 and 9
Video “European youth event in Strasbourg
10Delivering an event or activity
Obtaining feedback and evaluating the effect of your event.
How will you promote the event? (online? off-line? events calendars? printed programs? media relations? signage? social media? etc.)
Sponsor/partner management
Think carefully about handling the risks. What is your plan B?
How will you get feedback from those who attend?
What is your evaluation process?
Presentation slides 10 and 11
Example promotional video for European Youth Event 2018