After completing the core training scheme, Unite Ambassadors should develop and deliver a number of social actions or initiatives. In this way they can have an impact on their communities. Social action may be a new concept for many young people and they may need some additional training to enable them to develop this type of project. The additional training session – ‘What is Social Action?’ will help facilitate this. The case studies provided may also give an insight into what constitutes a social action. As part of their social action and during their time as Unite Ambassadors they may also need to plan an activity or event so again there is a training session to assist. An overview of the contents of these additional training sessions is given below.

What is social action?

In this session participants will explore what Social Action is and learn the basics to starting their own as a Unite Ambassador. Social action is practical action in the service of others to create positive change. Social action is a great way for Unite Ambassadors to contribute to their community.

By the end of this session participants will:

  • Be aware about social action
  • Understand importance of social actions for the community
  • Understand  the values of voluntary work
  • Have got first have experiences how to plan and start a social action

Planning local activities and events

This session focuses on improving your planning skills and the most important questions and topics while planning and delivering different activities and events as an Ambassador.

By the end of this session participants will:

  • Know what the easy steps to planning successful events/activities.
  • Know who you can contact to create and design a successful event or activity.
  • Know what kind of activities or events you are going to deliver (social  action projects, educational sessions etc)
  • Know how to evaluate and analyse the effect of your event