Here are a few of the commonly asked questions:

Why do you need a Mentor to run Unite Ambassadors?

  • In order to support the group, oversee the training and guide and advise, a Mentor will be best placed to be in this position. A mentor could be a teacher, support assistant, youth worker, scout leader or football coach, as long as they are able to be in a professional supervisory position.

What ages is Unite Ambassadors for?

  • 11-19 year olds, however ideally 13-19 would be best

What resources would we need to run Unite Ambassadors?

  • Time is the biggest investment, there are 8 training sessions of approx two hours. These can be delivered individually or as a weekend project. We then advise that the group would meet every 2/3 weeks and maybe more at times of projects/ social actions etc. This is also another reason why it could be delivered alongside a youth or school council.

How can we motivate young people to want to become Unite Ambassadors?

  • In different settings, different aspects will motivate different groups of young people. Ideally participation is voluntary as this will produce the best outcomes. There is a specification that can be tailored so that all parties know what will be expected. This is a great opportunity to find issues, topics, campaign that your young people are passionate about. Maybe there is a local issue, maybe young people would like a new skate park, or have they identified a particular problem in the school they want to change, then this is the perfect programme to run in order to get them on the right track to make a difference.

Can we use this program with our Youth Council?

  • Yes, or with a student council, youth board or any other group of young people you maybe working with. The training sessions give a great overview of appropriate skills that are great for any young people to develop to enhance their civic life

Can this program be used with younger pupils?

  • Ideally not below 11 year olds, as there is an element of responsibility attached to being an Ambassador. However your older young people can be Ambassador working with younger ages within their projects or activities. For example  14 year old Ambassadors may wish to run awareness session in lower schools teaching them about anti bullying

Is this program suited to those with special educational needs?

  • Yes it can be tailored for any level of need, we certainly encourage inclusive programmes

How can I run this in my youth centre?

  • Yes, as long as you have an interested group willing to dedicate their time to a cause or social action where they will participate.

We do not have a lot of diversity in our area, how will Unite Ambassadors be relevant for us?

  • This program can be tailored for any setting, it is about awareness raising, learning about diversity whether thats different nationalities or cultures, learning about inclusion including different generations and understanding about identity and community cohesion

How long can someone be a Unite Ambassador for?

  • A minimum of a school year, there is no maximum, however they may wish to become a Mentor themselves after a couple of years.

How can we work with other Unite Ambassadors?

  • Please get in contact if you are wanting to run Unite Ambassadors. We have a number of interested groups who maybe interested in virtual projects/ communication or there are also possibilities for fundraising of seeking grant funding for a youth exchange.

We do not have a lot of resources to run a social action project?

  • Unite Ambassadors is a free programme, there are no expensive resources. It is more about time investment by a Mentor and young people

We are a youth group we also work with a school on a Unite Ambassadors scheme?

  • It is great for different  groups to work together. They could train together or maybe collaborate on an activity or social action. This adds to the inclusive approach Unite Ambassadors endorses as well as sharing resources and adding to the possibilities.