Unite Ambassadors is a programme designed, planned and tested by a range of schools, youth organisations and educationalists. Spanning over formal and non formal practices, we have created a scheme that will support you to bring social education to the classroom or a process to running an Ambassadors group at a youth center.

Unlike some other programmes it is realistic and not resource heavy. It uses non formal methods that develops a range of soft and transferable skills in young people.

It links well with citizenship topics and social issues and highlights the opportunities for young people to be active within their community connected to positive activities.

It runs extremely well alongside your school or youth council, providing training on most key areas as well as encouraging active participation and youth led projects. It can also link into Youth Parliament schemes on a local level.

Many organisations are encouraged to involve young people in shaping provision or services. Which brings questions like How are we representative?  How can we be inclusive? How can we easily involve young people at the heart of initiatives connecting our young people to their community in a cohesive way?

This is why Unite Ambassadors is ideal as adaption of program is encourage to make it effective and responsive to your local situation. Feel free to explore, develop and make it your own. Whether its using one lesson plan or training up a new set of Unite Ambassadors. The program is ideal to respond to different settings/ communities and cultures

It can be used to tackle issues such as bullying or racism, encourage advocacy within your organisation by including the Ambassadors in strategic planning or a change to make a positive change.

The training spans over 8 sessions with additional sessions which are flexible to be used if required. There is a toolkit with ideas and suggestions, as well as help to plan social action projects with your young people